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If you live in the South African city of Johannesburg, you can catch these beauties just off the Gilloolley's Interchange, near Eastgate, and see how they caught your eye. They are set atop the Grundfos building, installed alongside the existing solar array as an icon of their green attitude. The turbine speaks for itself - great to look at, fantastic to have!

Own your company's roof top or billboard whilst making an elegant and definitive statement!

New Energy Technologies Pty Ltd has recently acquired the award winning new turbine from Anakata that uses a revolutionary design to create more electricity at lower wind speeds.

The Anakata turbine is currently taking the greener world by storm with its attractive new look that may be set to take over the microwind market with its appealing new concept of advertising space!

The beauty of this turbine is that the sleek design can be totally colour coded with corporate branding, creating abundant attention effortlessly.

Installation procedure is the same as solar electric, where great care is taken to design the project according to basic load assessments. The Anakata turbine can easily be installed alongside a Solar array as a hybrid system.

Anakata Turbines


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Anakata A007

Anakata A018


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