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Natural Ducted Solar Skylighting

There are a number of different products & application used to allow daylight to enter a building. These range from sophisticated skylight ducts & glazing panels to translucent or opaque poly-plastic roof sheets & shingles, making this the most direct renewable energy application affordable for most income brackets. Research suggests that natural light in the occupied environment, be it work or home, improves concentration, immune response & general wellbeing as well as reducing production downtime due to power failure & absenteeism.

With automated artificial light bolstering, a considerable amount of electrical energy consumption can be saved, increasing the longevity of light fittings leading to reduced heavy metal accumulation such as mercury in waste bulbs along with CO2 emissions of power plants.

A pre-calculated scenario of original vs. recommended applications considering required lux levels, room indexes, glare factor etc. reveals a comparison between the number of luminaires, environmental effects, expected work surface lux, hourly artificial bolstering requirements, expected return of investment & more.

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