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DATE: Feb 2013 | CREW: Kevin, Matt, Jonnathan, Shawn | SILVERADO: 744km
NET090 - Off-Grid House Zigriadis - 2x Solar Water Heaters - 4000watt Solar Array

Totally Off-Grid House Zigriadis

Project brief: Get me off the Grid!!

House Zigriadis is one of our flagship projects where the brief was to remove the entire house from the Eskom electrical grid. We have installed a number of PV projects in the last few years, however this project allowed us to move our conceptual proposal and overall implementation up a level. Both Elias and Paula Zigriadis are keen environmental activists and by deciding to run their house entirely from solar power is a step towards moving away from support for coal and nuclear based energy systems.

solar geyser jhbWith the clients we decided that the best way to integrate the PV array was to also meet another need to create an entertainment area in the front of the house. We proposed that the façade of the house could be used as a good space for a “solar pergola”. The addition of a deck and then using the solar PV panels to provide shade while capturing the solar energy was a good way to achieve many different value added benefits to the house.

Step 1 - Achieve Efficiency: As always, our first task was to install Solar Hot Water collectors to the two main geysers of the house and cut out the water heating needs of the house, and thus the main bulk of the electrical load. Heating water with the free energy of the sun in solar heating, remains one of the most fulfilling projects we do. The technology is solid state and will produce hot water for 20 years and more.  

solar pergolaSolar Pergola: The deck was constructed from a Eva tech timer for decking and the frame structure for the Solar PV panels was fabricated and designed by Matt Kroll of 'Die Werkstadt'. The total array provides 4000w of peak power to the house and on days of good sun at 6 peak sun hours is yielding approximately 18 kwh per day. This energy is stored in a large, state of the art battery bank using the latest lead crystal technology in batteries.

Outback Inverter System: The inverter system to the house consists of three Outback GTVFX inverters with one inverter per phase.  Each phase on the House can accommodate further inverters at any time to allow for more peak demand power if required in a situation where the power needs of the house may change. We have worked with OutBack Power systems now for a number of years and the beauty of these systems is the modularity they offer.

     Outback Power Products are state of the art inverter and solar components. They are robust, backed by excellent local service.  

    Total Project Value: R400 000.00

updated: Thu 3 Jul 2014


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