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DATE: Jan 2013 | CREW: Kevin, Kieron, Shawn, Gypsy | SILVERADO: 233km
NET100 - 2x 7kW Kwikot Heat Pumps with 4x 250liter Duratherm tanks

Heat Pumps - perfectly heated water - all year round

Project brief: We'd like to diminish our hot water bills, but we're not so big on solar this time...

If you're doing the rounds between Joburg and Durban, do stop in at the Windmills Engen 1stop garage just off the N3 for pit stop and relish yourself in their hot water supply knowing that we installed their heat pump system.

duratherm geyser installer durban joburg

When this Engen 1stop was extended in early 2013, they asked us to quote on a 10 000 liter hot water system. When installing for such large volumes of hot water, we always advise our clients to install batteries of common hotwater tanks, as opposed to installing a single custom built tank. The advantages are all round, in that it is cheaper to install, easier and cheaper to maintain in the long run, and if there is ever a problem, a single tank can be isolated or even replaced, and there will be no system down-time. In this case, we installed four 250liter Duratherm tanks. They come with a ten year warranty and will more than likely not break on the first day out of warranty either.


We were given a basement in which to install everything, and having found that the aircon guys had installed the air conditioners the week before, we decided to set up the heat pumps so that their cold air exhaust would blow onto the aircon units, making them slightly more efficient. This has undoubtedly added up over the years to help bring down their aircon bills as well.


The 7kW heat pump produces 7000 watts of heating power, yet only uses 1800 watts of electricity. The unit will never over heat the water and can be plumbed in ingenious ways, as mentioned above, to provide instant inline water heating, or help with airconditioning. We have also successfully channelled the cool air exhaust directly into large airconditioned rooms, restaurant kitchens and hot laundry rooms.


Regards the photo, you may exclaim that there is no insulation on the pipework. The photo was taken before insulating and our installation team has since endured a short course on job photography!

diagram of heat pump operation

updated: Fri 12 Sep 2014


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