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DATE: June 2014 | CREW: Kevin, Shadrack, Mr Buys, Mr Weimers, Arashad, Gypsy | SILVERADO: 1243km
NET145 - 6kW Outback Flex Power Two with 1.8kW solar array

the all-in-one FP2 from Outback

Project brief: Get me off the Grid!

What is amazing about taking an average suburban home off the grid is that once it is all happening and we get closer to making clean energy from the sun, our clients get as passionate about solar energy as we are.

Gavin Weimers lives in Eldorado Park in Johannesburg and has taken the step to stop renting energy and rather own his own grid-interactive power station on his roof. When the lights are out everywhere else, the house is powered by solar energy stored in the battery bank. We hope to work with City Power soon, to allow the current meter to be replaced by a proper bi-directional meter so that Gavin's power station can supply energy into the Grid, as is the norm in the EU, Japan, the USA and Australia. In a country with our power problems, we would expect that the climate for net-metered grid connections would be good? Not yet!
Why oh why we have to ask?

The good news is that whether you borrow the money for your own solar or wind power station, or pay cash, it is a far better option than simply paying the RENT to Eskom. So why not rent to own? It's financially rewarding and it shows that solar  energy is available to any house that can see the sky.

solar awning joburg

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