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DATE: June 2014 | CREW: Kevin, Shadrack, Ephraim, Shawn, Arashad | SILVERADO: 2343km
NET139 - Queens High School, Johannesburg - Ring Main Upgrade

Managing heat loss on a large Solar Water Heating plant

Project brief: Replace the old galvanised steel plumbing with the latest Mepla pex for thermal efficiency

coal burnerQueens High School has been one of our longest standing clients.

Some years ago we replaced the coal-fired boiler with an additional storage tank and a large solar array to move the centralized heating system towards a more modern system. Centralized systems are still very attractive in their ability to plug in different energy sources and distribute it to many points.


geberit mepla installer joburg durbanHowever, galvanized piping, the predominant piping used from early 20th century loses large amounts of heat, is prone to corrosion and deteriorates over time. Mepla Pex is the state of the art pipe in the pex piping range capable of running at high temperatures constantly and was thus the perfect choice for a ring main application. Offering a high level technical crew of rope access plumbers and careful implementation, we completed the removal and replacement of the old piping on time and 100% leak free on start up.

gering main installer

Temperature loss through the 400m long ring main is as little as 2 degrees from point of feed to point of return.


My thanks go to exceptional work of the whole team and many good memories with the lads throwing frisbee at night, shooting bow and  arrow and enjoying the cold of the JHB winter Rocky style.  - KP

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