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DATE: March 2012 | CREW: Kevin, Shawn, Shadrack, Gypsy | SILVERADO: 119km
Project NET117 - Nupower 24tube collector, DC pumped, into 200liter Duratherm geyser

Nupower gives away a Solar Hot Water system

Project brief: As our favoured Durban installer, give our winner the works

As an approved installer of Nupower Solar Water Heating devices, and the best in KZN we might add, Nupower management selected us to install a promotions giveaway prize to Mr Hunt of Kloof, Durban. The prize consisted of a complete system to harvest solar thermal energy and efficiently deliver it into a hi-quality, thermally protected water tank.

solar geyser installer in durbanThe system consists of a Nupower 24 tube, vacuum-tube collector, a 200 liter Duratherm solar geyser and all the bits and pieces which tie up the product into a standalone, free-energy water heater. Both Nupower and Duratherm products come with a ten year guarantee - these are truly sustainable devices, built to last, so beware of short warranty periods!

Mr Hunt's roof cavity was exceptionally clean and spacious, and a pleasure to work in, and since his existing geyser was clearly on its way out, he made the decision to decommission it before its demise and be replaced by the Duratherm tank and Nupower Solar Collector...


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