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DATE: August 2013 | CREW: Kevin, Thomas, Shadrack, Gypsy | SILVERADO: 1924km
NET119 - Grundfos Anakata Wind Turbines - Hybrid, Grid-Tied

Introducing Anakata to Jozi

Project brief: Upgrade our onsite power plant to incorporate wind, and let Johannesburg know about it

Residents of Johannesburg, South Africa may have already noticed these three Anakata A018 wind turbines just off the Gillooley's interchange, near Eastgate. They seat perched atop the Grundfos building and were installed by Growth Point properties as an extension of the company's commitment to renewable energy. Incidently, the turbines are an attractive distraction for traffic bound motorists. In a long river of boring billboards, the Anakata Wind Turbine is a functional device that draws its own attention to its work, and tells a story about the building that holds it.

Gillooley’s Interchange, Johannesburg, South Africa, is the busiest interchange in the Southern Hemisphere with up to a million motorists funnelling through its carriageways every day. Reaching speeds of down to 5km/hr, some of these motorists have plenty of time to be amused by the elegance and symmetry of green technology working hard to reverse the company's carbon footprint.

The Grundfos building already boasts a Solar Array, and the Turbines represent a hybridisation of Grundfos energy production, with Solar and Wind energy being converted 24/7 into a Grid-Tied system, meaning that Grundfos energy will never waste a watt, and any excess production will overflow into the national Grid. One day, Eskom might even pay them for this production!

Unfortunately, the positioning of the turbine plinths was NOT planned in consultation with New Energy Technologies as their current positioning in relation with one another does not demonstrate best practice for achieving optimal yield for these roof mountable wind turbines.

The project was completed on Tuesday 13 August 2013. Look out for it if you ever near the Gilloolley's Interchange.

A very big thank you to Peet Botha of Conscious Consultants, Leon Labuschagne of Growth Point Properties, Dawie Cronje of DC Electrical and Anakata Wind Power Resources UK for their vital parts in bringing this ground breaking project to Johannesburg.


updated: Tue 8 Jul 2014


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