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DATE: September 2014 | CREW: Kevin, Shadrack, Shawn, Gypsy | SILVERADO: 74km
NET160/161 - 3x Nupower 24tube DC pumped retrofit solar water heaters

Three Solar Water Installations in 3 days

Project brief: One for my wife, one for me and one for my friend

amber ridge solar hot water systemsRecognizing the Eskom promise to increase tariffs on time every year, for the purpose of funding a number of nuclear power plants is the first step. Then there is calculating the difference between paying this money to Eskom, or paying it to the bank manager so you can own your own means of energy production.


We installed three Nupower solar water heaters in just three days, up the road in howick. All but one site was already heating their water via a Heat Pump, but our client was not thrilled with this as a truly sustainable device, and so we installed a vacuum tube solar collector alongside the existing heat pumps. Now the heat pumps will only ever kick in as a backup option, or whenever he wants it to.


solar water heaters howickVacuum Tube Solar Water Heaters remain the most efficient water heating solutions, since all heating is free. The device has no moving parts, apart from the water pump, and as such will last long after the Eskom tariffs have tripled. Return of Investment on solar installations gets quicker every year!

updated: Thu 9 Oct 2014


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