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Adsolar Power Box Adsolar Power Box

introducing the Adsolar Power Box

light up your loadshedding, save your work, operate your till...
- 100% pure sine wave technology -
the PowerBox keeps you online when Eskom fails

The Power Box by Adsolar is a high quality battery and inverter system that stores power from the electrical grid so that you can run essential appliances during power outages. There are many shops and other applications where an onsite generator is not a possible solution.

The Power Box is plugged into a normal wall plug socket and the internal battery charger then maintains the batteries at full charge. When the power goes out, a 'true sine wave', DC to AC inverter will supply normal AC mains power to the plug sockets located on the front of the Power Box. You then plug into the Power Box, all of your key devices that you wish to keep running during a load shedding power outage.

Our entry level unit comes with a high quality Victron Multiplus 2kw inverter that can handle up to 4000watts for short periods of time. Powered with 2 x 12V, 100amp/hour, high quality, maintenance free AGM gel batteries, the Power Box will provide clean power to computers, small servers and desk top lights for about 3-4 hours dependant on the overall load.

The Power Box comes as a plug and play device requiring no expensive installation, meaning that we can supply you quickly and effectively with a silent, high quality and long lasting power back up solution.

The Power Box is assembled in our workshop in Pinetown, KZN, and the unit is supplied with a 1 year warrantee on all components.

For larger load applications, the Power Box can be upscaled to your specific requirements.

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