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On-Demand Ozone Generator

on demand ozone generator

The Aquazone ozone generators produce ozone by running high voltage electricity through the air in a process called coronal discharge - it's lightning in a box. This will produce a smell that most are familiar with, such as is very similar to the smell of a lightning storm, which also produces massive amounts of ozone. This ozone then goes on to react with pollutants in the air and in the water, clearing the environment and generally causing an all round renewal of the area.

You can own the Aquazone on-demand Water Ozonator for a total cost of R4119.72, inclusive of VAT and delivered nationwide to door. It is a simple plug n play device which attaches to your kitchen tap, however let us know if you'd like assistance with installing it. It is ideal for restaurants, hospitals, schools, anywhere where sanitation is important. The device has 6 national patents and is endorsed by CE RoHS, which is high level European health and safety standards bureau.

Ozone is a water purifier & sterilizer

• Ozone disinfects water, eliminating colour, taste, and odour.
• Ozone is 150 times more powerful than chlorine.
• Ozone is 3500 times faster acting than chlorine.
• Ozone leaves no toxic or carcinogenic by-products - the only byproduct is pure oxygen.

Ozone has been seriously studied as a replacement for chlorination.

Ozone is a medical appliance

• Ozone is safe, reliable, efficient and effective in sterilization.
• Ozone has an excellect effect of deodorization, gout and stain elimination.
• Ozone can dispel inorganic and organic pollutants, as well as toxicant.

The Aquazone Ozonator

The Water Ozonator CYS300C is useful in the kitchens and bathrooms of homes, hotels and hospitals for washing hands and utensils, rinsing food, and improving the purity and taste of tap water. The Water Ozonator CYS300C is capable of effectively sterilizing bacteria, viruses and pollutant chemicals.

The Water Ozonator CYS300C is stylish, and unique designed high-quality ozone water sterilizer to be installed on a kitchen or bathroom sink for removal of bacteria from water used for rinsing, washing, and drinking; for removal pesticide from vegetable, fruit and so on.

Ideally used for:

• Washing hands in restaurant & public toilets.
• Rinsing fruits, vegetables & meats to prolong their shelf life.
• Washing animas will kill bacteria, reduce fleas & eliminate for odour.
• As a body and face wash to activate epidermal cells and eliminate skin bacteria.
• Brushing teeth will reduce bad breath and help prevent gingivitis.
• Hotel laundries to wash bed sheets, pillow cases and duvets will disinfect, sterilize, deodorize and bleach naturally at lower costs.
• Rinsing bottles in small bottling plants.


• Light, aesthetic design requiring minimum assembly.
• Large attractive LCD touch screen with dynamic movement when operating.
• Clock with dual display.
• Tactile touch screen sensor buttons.
• Automatic start up sensor when water faucet is turned on.
• Design separates electronics from water for safety.
• Circuit design automatically accepts all voltages worldwide from 100-250VAC.
• Precision AVR generator produces adequate and stable ozone ions.
• Automatic high voltage detection and protection for safety.
• Five ozone density settings.
• Ozone introduced in diffuser for most effective mixing with water.
• Automatic delayed shutdown to extend life of unit and tubing by flushing with air.

Contact us at any time to order yours, and ask about our range of domestic and commercial inline water filtration systems.

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