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Heat Pumps

A Heat Pump is a unit which can be thought of as an airconditioner in reverse, utilizing the heat which it extracts from the air, it injects this thermal mass into the water.

It looks like an aircon unit and will intelligently heat water perfectly through out the year, whilst using only a quarter of the electricity compared to conventional geyser elements.

Heat Pumps are generally installed where a clients house spends a lot of time in the shade, or where the client prefers the reliability of constant temperature water heating, as opposed to a Solar Collectors' relying on the Suns activity.

Disadvantages of Heat Pumps are that they stop working without electricity, and like aircon units, replenishing the various heat transfer mediums used & possible failure of moving parts imply that they need an annual maintenance check up.

Heat Pumps come in a variety of sizes to heat geysers, Jacuzzis or even swimming pools if sized correctly.

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